As nationally recognized leaders in this high-profile, high-stakes litigation arena, McGlinchey Stafford protects and defends financial institutions, insurers, consumer goods manufacturers, and employers facing class action and multidistrict lawsuits.

With experience defending hundreds of class actions across more than 25 states, our attorneys regularly serve as national and regional counsel for business clients and as thought leaders in this highly specialized field.

Industries that we regularly and actively defend in class actions alleging violations of consumer fraud and deceptive practices, labor and employment law, and other state and federal laws include:

  • Auto finance companies
  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Banking
  • Bankruptcy and creditors’ rights
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Consumer financial companies
  • Consumer leasing companies
  • Credit card issuers
  • Credit insurers
  • Equity lenders - specialty and non-prime
  • Insurance premium finance companies
  • Health care
  • Life insurers
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Payday lenders
  • Property and casualty insurers
  • Retailers
  • Service companies

We seek summary dispositions, defeat class certifications, advance issues on our signature CAFA Law Blog, and coordinate nationwide trial strategies. McGlinchey Stafford class action defense attorneys aggressively position clients ahead of potential flashpoints with creative and cutting-edge litigation solutions.

Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 (CAFA)

The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 created sharp and swift changes to the class action legal landscape. Filings against commercial institutions and businesses increased significantly, and McGlinchey Stafford has stood at the forefront of the knowledge curve.

We created the CAFA Law Blog to inform clients and the business community and share our wealth and depth of experience. From its inception, it has been recognized as the leading online authority for CAFA.

Practice Innovation

Our large team of class action defense attorneys is widely recognized for its litigation excellence and leadership within the industries they serve. Our attorneys are frequent speakers at national programs and publish articles relating to class action defense issues.

We regularly defend Fortune 500 companies and believe our ability to develop novel theories of defense greatly contributes to our successful representation of these corporations.

Attorneys across McGlinchey Stafford’s 14 offices nationwide operate and communicate in a seamless manner. This results in unfettered case coordination, efficient case management, and wide-ranging client access, which are all critical factors in large, complex litigation matters.

Clients benefit from our firm’s knowledge and experience base extending across related industries and disciplines, particularly in regulatory and compliance issues. Often intricate, and seemingly obscure, statutes can prove decisive in formulating a creative and persuasive litigation strategy.

Additionally, existing productive relationships with key regulators, authorities, and colleagues nationwide support our ability to identify supporting precedents, or to discover if an issue has not been addressed by the courts.

All these factors contribute to the quick and informed evaluation of litigation risks and expedited resolutions to class action litigation threats.