McGlinchey Stafford's Consumer Financial Services Litigation Group is a recognized leader among the nation's most respected financial services institutions. Our litigation practice brings together a skilled team of attorneys who have represented banks, finance companies, thrifts, mortgage banks, credit unions, and credit card issuers in hundreds of class actions in the past ten years in state, federal, and bankruptcy courts, and in arbitration proceedings. Accordingly, McGlinchey Stafford is at the forefront regarding all of the complex issues facing the financial services sector.

Our seamless, multi-disciplinary approach to consumer finance litigation is essential in developing litigation strategies and arguments at the earliest stages of a case. Every litigation matter we handle involves participation by not only the firm's litigation and regulatory and compliance attorneys, but also by attorneys who continually interact with relevant government, regulatory, consumer advocacy, and trade constituencies. The firm's ability to efficiently communicate across practice groups significantly lowers the amount of time we spend on research, ensuring that our client's legal team focuses on the vital issue at hand - winning the case.