When companies seek to establish and increase online operations and services, our attorneys devise the legal protections that support their growth strategies.

McGlinchey Stafford's e-commerce and internet law attorneys advise clients on the special and evolving requirements and procedures for electronically-based business.

With a particular focus on highly regulated industries, such as financial institutions, insurance and automotive, we guide businesses on such issues as:

  • Consumer Privacy
  • Contracts
  • e-signature
  • Intellectual Property
  • Licensing
  • Litigation
  • Regulations and Compliance

In e-contract matters, we address such issues as contract bundling and reselling, authentication, securitization, regulatory compliance and contract validity and enforcement. During the process, our attorneys advise on website designs and screens that comply with the new laws regulating these practices.

Our entrepreneurial perspective brings added value in the digital economy, where we provide business and legal intelligence on selling services and products over the Internet and online sales strategies.