Lawsuits involving environmental claims have the potential for high damages and can pose a threat to a company’s business and reputation. McGlinchey Stafford attorneys regularly represent clients in legislative, rulemaking and permitting proceedings, and, when necessary, aggressively defend clients against civil or criminal enforcement actions.

Our environmental litigation experience includes representing clients in an array of matters, including:

  • Toxic tort suits
  • “Legacy” oilfield lawsuits and other land contamination lawsuits
  • Administrative, civil and criminal enforcement proceedings
  • Multimedia enforcement actions
  • Citizen suits
  • Class actions
  • Private and government cost recovery actions
  • Defending or enforcing environmental provisions in real estate and other contractual disputes
  • Representation before federal and state agencies in administrative rulemaking, Congressional and legislative bodies, and in public hearings and adjudicatory administrative hearings
  • Solid and hazardous waste enforcement actions