U.S. business is global and digital, and U.S. healthcare/wellness is rapidly evolving toward ehealth solutions beyond plan reimbursement. Changes in healthcare delivery options, private enterprise integration, and data/communication/retail solutions are entering regulated healthcare markets, and increased free market solutions are all combining to create significant risks and opportunities. The time is now for sophisticated business planning services for compliant corporate and healthcare commerce.

McGlinchey Stafford supports healthcare providers and healthcare/wellness business enterprises with these rapidly evolving regulatory changes and solutions. Typically, healthcare attorneys emphasize what is not allowed or what can't be done. McGlinchey Stafford focuses on what clients can achieve and where to innovate, with a proven track record in healthcare compliance strategies.

We assist businesses with navigating "Corporate Practice of Medicine" regulations in organizing disruptive healthcare and wellness solutions. We counsel a wide array of enterprises, including healthcare providers, with data privacy compliance and with direct support regarding HIPAA, GINA, and various state laws regarding privacy obligations.

Additionally, we help healthcare companies, providers, individuals, facilities, insurers, and other organizations in meeting challenges in the areas of:

  • Healthcare Business and Operation Management
  • Healthcare Contracts
  • Healthcare Litigation
  • Healthcare Regulatory Compliance
  • Managed Care
  • Medical Staff Licensing, Credentialing, and Certification
  • Reimbursement

We counsel clients with respect to self-insurance arrangements, hospital-physician organizations, Medicare and other third-party payor reimbursement issues, joint ventures, physician practice acquisitions and arrangements, and managed care issues. We devote a considerable amount of time to advising clients on issues of statutory and regulatory compliance that commonly arise in the day-to-day delivery of healthcare services, such as informed consent, discontinuance of life-sustaining procedures, development and termination of care plans, judicial commitments and other mental health issues, and medical staff affairs. We have considerable experience in advising clients with respect to the fraud and abuse, Stark anti-referral, and false claims laws.