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Hypothetical Scenarios on Equal Pay, Family Leave, and the #MeToo Movement: The Unwritten Rules for Addressing Highly Sensitive, Complex Challenges

June 24, 2019
ACI 32nd National Forum on Wage & Hour Claims and Class Actions
New York, NY

Member Mag Bickford (New Orleans) will co-present "The Biggest Misunderstandings about Arbitration Clauses Post-Epic Systems: How Practitioners are Now Approaching Class Action Waivers and Enforceability" on June 24 during the ACI 32nd National Forum on Wage & Hour Claims and Class Actions in New York. The practical, interactive session, experts will work through a series of hypothetical scenarios on high stakes issues. Participants will be able to compare their approaches, and share candid feedback on an anonymous basis, and gain the latest best practices.

  • Recent actions of the EEOC and what they mean for employers
  • Pitfalls to avoid when using statistical analysis to prove the existence of an equal pay policy
  • Preparing for legislation impacting both family and sick leave on both the federal and state levels
  • Reviewing the recent Flowers v. McCartney case, and its impact on FMLA issues going forward
  • Perspectives on the reasons driving the rise of equal pay cases in the wage and hour space over the last twelve months
  • Artificial intelligence’s role in pay disparity
  • Proper considerations towards equal pay related to promotions and job title changes. Will this provide exemptions to employers?
  • Impact of the #MeToo movement in progressing these issues to the forefront