Medical staff licensing, credentialing, and certification pose concerns about risk management and quality assurance. We work closely with clients to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations in these areas, and to avoid litigation. Our approach centers on comprehensive preventive audits and compliance programs to ensure clients meet stringent criteria in licensing, credentialing, and certification.


Credentialing cases can range from the routine to highly contentious, and can become highly adversarial if not deftly handled. Our approach is sensitive and practical, defined by perceptive, protective, prompt, and, whenever possible, non-litigious resolutions to these disputes.

Our credentialing services focus on representing medical staff committees and institutions in credentialing hearings, disciplinary actions, peer reviews, and appeals.

We are well-versed in federal and state requirements and in matters involving medical staff bylaws, rules and regulations, fair hearing plans, impaired professionals, and National Practitioner Data Bank queries and reports. Using our experience serving as hearing officers, our attorneys bring added value and insight into hearing-related matters.

Additionally, during credentialing and peer review audits, our healthcare attorneys can review, analyze, and advise on a facility’s process.

Accreditation Counsel

Issues arising from Medicare and Medicaid certification and Joint Commission (JCAHO) accreditation are part of our comprehensive healthcare services. Additionally, we routinely advise on the impact of accreditation requirements and regulations on the business arrangements of healthcare entities and providers, such as in exclusive contracts and mergers and acquisitions.