Our attorneys suggest and structure financial arrangements that achieve tax-friendly outcomes for individuals and families. Some of the strategic tax planning tools we regularly manage are retirement plans, insurance policies, charitable donations and trusts.

Tax reduction for businesses within an estate context involves specific issues. We addresses a range of factors including owner succession, minimizing costs of business ownership transfers, business donations, sales agreements and organizational restructuring. Informing our counsel is our firm’s experience as legal business advisors across a wide range of industries.

Tax codes change frequently and new asset protection and tax-reduction measures are constantly introduced. We remain current and fluent in ever-changing tax laws and techniques for short and long-term tax reduction and elimination. McGlinchey Stafford attorneys, some of whom are board certified tax specialists, lecture frequently on evolving gift and estate taxation law.

Using our firmwide resources and a network of specialized professionals, we provide clients with comprehensive and effective strategies that support current and projected financial portfolios.