With a wide range of technical backgrounds and significant trial experience, McGlinchey Stafford’s Asbestos and Toxic Torts team utilizes proven strategies and a forward-thinking approach tailored for each client in these high-stakes, high-value cases.

Many of our attorneys have education or training in chemical and mechanical engineering, physics, and biology and have litigated novel and complex areas of law, medicine, and science in this practice area for decades. Our attorneys follow scientific developments and litigation trends closely and respond proactively to best prepare our clients to face challenges. Our attorneys have also proven their ability to convey sophisticated engineering, medical, and scientific concepts in a manner that can be understood by judges and juries.

Our attorneys represent various manufacturers, premises owners, contractors, automotive component sellers, executives, employers, and insurance companies — virtually any type of defendant that can be named in asbestos and toxic torts litigation — in some of the most challenging jurisdictions for these cases nationwide.

We have defended our clients against claims involving silica and asbestos exposure, as well as occupational exposures resulting from welding fumes, aromatic hydrocarbons, benzene, toluene, and xylene, among others. We work closely with an extensive network of well-regarded scientists, engineers, and other experts, with the common goal of serving our clients effectively.

In addition, our team boasts relevant experience involving both the Federal Employees’ Liability Act and the Locomotive Inspection Act. Our proven experience across several industries further strengthens our defense strategies.

Our approach begins with assertive case control to help our clients minimize costs and stay within budget. Our Asbestos and Toxic Torts team collaborates to research common issues and the latest developments, develop sound litigation strategies, and communicate openly and often with our clients.

In every case, we aim to resolve disputes before trial and at the lowest practical cost, as we recognize the primary goal is to resolve pending claims efficiently and to discourage additional suits. To that end, we have many decades of combined experience with efficient resolution, and we are thoroughly familiar with pretrial defenses and the challenges of litigation. We are, however, fully prepared, willing, and able, to defend our clients through trial. Because one of our basic principles is to understand our clients’ business goals, we can assist in devising litigation strategies that reduce reputational and economic risk.