McGlinchey Stafford supports a dedicated team of technology specialists, trainers and developers focused on identifying, designing and deploying hardware, software and communications resources that make a difference. Our Information Technology Services (ITS) team provides our firm a competitive advantage in directly addressing what clients really care about:

Client - Attorney Communication

Emails, VOIP, remote access – our communications network is extensive, boundless, seamless and fully integrated across all of our offices nationwide. This means attorneys respond to a client’s concern whenever needed.

Case Status

The, document sharing, thought-leading blogs and database development all keep clients active and informed about the latest developments in their matter. Because attorneys, paralegals and other support staff readily share case information in real time, case progress and resolution are accelerated.

Creative Solutions

The best technology removes obstacles and creates options, producing the ideal environment for inspired and original ideas. McGlinchey ITS devises information systems, across states and around the world, so that attorneys’ knowledge base is limitless.

From superior e-discovery tools and persuasive multimedia trial evidence to in-house documentation services, McGlinchey ITS promotes technology that encourages fresh approaches to the practice of law.


Increased efficiency may not be easily visible, but our ITS solutions always keep it in clear focus. In a law firm, substantial savings for clients result because our administration and support of cases are streamlined, productive and coordinated. Knowledge management resources help attorneys advance the substantive and strategic arguments in a case.

Reduction in the expense of procedurally-based cases occurs through leading software applications that can be customized for each matter.


Everybody shares the same 24-hour time period to accomplish their work. But ITS selects technology that helps attorneys and staff have a more productive day.
From time and accounting programs that track activities, to remote access applications that ensure critical deadlines are met, we use technology that shifts the day’s focus onto activities that foster case progress.


Reliability and security breed trust. Back-up servers, redundancy plans, co-location facilities, virus protection - ITS does not leave any client's case to chance. The 2005 Gulf Hurricanes illustrated that loss of communications is not a hypothetical notion.

In the storm’s aftermath, McGlinchey Stafford ITS brought the firm back up and running in record time, without missing a file. From that experience, we have furthered our disaster preparedness to allow attorneys to resume work and communicate with clients with minimal disruption of service.